Thursday: (07/05) Lou enjoyed cereal for breakfast. I was fasting so planned to eat later. First thing on the list today was a visit to Kaiser for some lab tests for me and an appointment for Lou. After I donated a few drops of blood, I stopped by the Hong Kong Bakery for breakfast of a pork bun and an egg tart. Yum! When we got home I tinkered in the yard removing the existing sprinkler valves an piping. They will be relocated and are in the way. And they leak too much for where they are. Toastados for lunch. We had leftovers from our Holiday dinner. Peanut butter banana ice cream for dinner.  

Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse
Friday: (07/06) Green smoothies for breakfast. I did my final final grading for the walkway by the greenhouse. I had a change of drainage plans so some adjustments were needed. Toastados for lunch. After lunch I went by Lingsol Garden Center to get the geotextile fabric I need to line my hole and to order the base rock I need. I calculated 12 cubic yards but they sell by weight so it turned out to be 16 tons. How cute! “You load sixteen tons of crushed  recycled concrete base rock and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt.” Later Lou and I went to Lowes in Sunnyvale for a few things. Part of my new plans include relocating all the sprinkler valves so I needed a few parts and fittings. Lowes is the only place with stock for my valve manifolds.  Pad Thai for dinner at LUU noodle House. 

Saturday: (07/07)  I started laying geotextile fabric and drain lines. Green smoothies for breakfast. Hamburgers for lunch. Leftovers for dinner.

Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse
Sunday: (07/08) I spent the day finishing installing the geotextile fabric and drain lines, water lines, etc. Green smoothies for breakfast. Enchiladas for lunch. Cheese burgers for dinner.

Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse Wilton Walkway Project By Greenhouse
The dirt pile viewed from both sides of the arbor.

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