New San Antonio Mall
Wednesday: (07/18) Lou made green slime for breakfast. About 10am we drove the RV down to the San Antonio Mall, about 1.5 miles from home. They knocked down most of the old mall a while back and now it is looking more and more like they are making progress toward completing the reconstruction. Unfortunately the construction is behind a fence with fabric on it and there is no good place to watch. Lou has been wanting to spend some time watching the work so today was the day.We parked by the fence and could easily look over it to see the activity. We picked a very busy day when they were pouring a bunch of foundations until after 5pm. I pretty much did the same thing I’ve been doing at home, tinkering at the computer but the view out the window was much more interesting. Lunch was takeout from Lou’s favorite restaurant LUU Noodle House nearby. Our usual combination chow fun with some egg  rolls and an avocado smoothie. The avocado smoothie is nothing like Lou’s green slime even though both are smoothies. Lou’s is a combination of all sorts of vegetables with enough fruit to sweeten it some. The avocado smoothie at LUU’s is a sweet treat more like a milkshake. Lou’s lasts better than a big breakfast, LUU’s is a tasty treat only. This has been one of our shortest RV trips, ever! For dinner Lou and I stoped in at the Chili’s next to where we were watching and had their two for $20 dinners. We both had BBQ ribs. 

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