Tuesday: (07/10) I started the day by moving some surplus stuff out to the curb hoping someone would take it and save us disposal fees. I moved a couple of half sized king bed box springs and a bed frame and head board that we didn’t use in reassembiling our bed. I got all the stuff out but didn’t complete attaching the “free” signs on them before a neighbor came over and took them. That was fast and saved us $35 disposal fees and anothr trip to the Sunnyvale dump. I then dropped by the dentist office to have my temporary crown reattached. Having to wait a couple of weeks for a permanent crown here at home is certainly different than getting it the next day in Mexico. And the cost is 5 times as much as well. But it’s quite hot down in Yuma this time of year. I lounged around watching a little TV and having lunch trying to avoid having to go outside and work. About 1pm i started doing the final touches and then started moving the base rock from the driveway to the backyard. I got arounf 1/3 of the needed rock moved and cleared the driveway for the return of the motorhome. I workd untill 8pm to accomplish it. The last two hours were much nicer than the first four hours. It had been forecast to be 86 degrees today but got up to 93 degrees. I was actually quite comfortable. i tried out my new desert shade hat that covers the neck and has a wide brim. it was actually much cooler. In moving the rock i also got to use my new cart. It hauls bout two contractor wheelbarrows full at a time. It made fairly quick work of the rock move. About 5pm I had a couple of refried bean and cheese sandwiches and a rice pudding. I was feeling rather worn out before eating but dinner perked me up. After cleaning up I brought the RV home form it’s parking spot about two blocks away. We never feel comfortable with it away like that. Lou and Dawn had a few shopping banking and a Dentist appointment as well today.

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