Thursday: (08/09) I started just after 7am laying bricks and didn’t stop until 7:30pm. My back seems to be holding up by I think I wore out my knees today. Lots of up and down today. Getting older isn’t so much fun. I did get most of one side of the green house area completed, the harder part. Lou made chorizo spinach and ricotta cheese omelets with home fried potatoes for breakfast. Chinese chicken salads for lunch. For dinner we had steak smashed potatoes with smashed cauliflower  and corn on the cob.

Friday: (08/10) Today wasn’t that productive day. Lou and Dawn were off to some rummage sales with our neighbors Meili and Ping. I was off on a supply run. I stopped for breakfast at A Good Morning Cafe, corned beef hash. Then i was off to Harbor Freight for a few things. I needed a new back belt and grinding disks. They had the belt but no grinding disks. I also stopped at OSH hardware for more sand, some paver setting and and found the grinding disks there as well. I also stopped at Target for a bunch of bottled water. We were out. We normally have a case in each car and the house but all were gone this morning. Since I was resting today, I was spending time browsing at things as well so It was lunch time before I came home so I stopped at LUU Noodle House for some egg rolls and an avocado smoothie for lunch. When I got home Lou and Dawn were back and enjoying chefs salads. I napped in the yard after enjoying tea. When i relax, i relax. i just could get going. Finally, I started laying some bricks when my work area became shaded. Most of wat needed to be done involved cutting the bricks. i finished all of the first side except for the last four bricks. Tomorrow I’ll get them in and fill all the holes and large gaps then install the setting sand and be finished with the first half. I have a long hike planned for Sunday so i don’t want to wear myself out so wont start the other half until Monday. Dawn made some delicious green chili and quinoa soup for dinner.

Saturday: (08/11) I really planned on taking it easy today but got involved and worked on the bricks most of the day.

Wilton Patio Installation
I made a good start on the other side of the green house area but ran into a problem. After the first four edge bricks, the edge started moving out about 1/8 inch per brick. I decided to lay the rest of the bricks in proper alignment but will have to remove and reinstall about five edge bricks later. Unlike the inside bricks, the edge bricks are grouted in. Now I hope my knees are still good enough for my hike tomorrow.  Green slime for breakfast. Ham pepper and tomato salad for lunch. Chicken with potato salad and corn on the cob for dinner.

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