Monday: (08/13) Lou was off to an appointment early so I fixed a nice breakfast of eggs, sausage, fried potatoes all over toast with some cheese. Yum! Then i got to work outside laying more bricks. When I ran out od sand i cleaned up and, since I had an ice cream urge, I stopped by Costco for lunch of a Chicken Bake and a Very Berry Sundae. Fortified, i then stopped by Orchard hardware for some sand. After unloading the sand at home I called it a day. Tomato ham and cheese panini sandwiches for dinner. 

Tuesday: (08/14) We had some of Dawn’s quinoa muffins for breakfast. I continued laying bricks. By the end of a long day I finished the second side. Lou made a nice tomato ham and pepper salad for lunch. Dinner was hot chicken sandwiches with smashed potatoes.

Wednesday: (08/15) Lou was off early to an appointment and then enjoying her day oof playing about town. I fixed a nice breakfast of eggs, sausage, fried potatoes with some cheese.I relaxed all morning. Lunch was cottage cheese and fruit. I finally got outside to work after 1pm. I adjusted all the drain inlets, cleanouts  and sprinkler risers in the bricks. I also broke out the misaligned 5 edge bricks. The first one was so well installed that it brought it’s base concrete out as well. Fortunately the other four came out properly. I should be able to finish it all off tomorrow by grouting and adding the setting sand. Dinner was sausage and peppers.

Wilton New Patio
Thursday: (08/16) I made breakfast fore everyone, eggs sausage and potatoes. I tinkered in the yard working on the patio grouting the drain inlets and riser pipes then swept in the setting sand for the pavers. It is now ready to move back into the greenhouse and enjoy the new patio. Not that the job is finished though. There is still a little more walkway to do and I neet to pour a slab for Lou pottery shed so more digging is yet to be done. Next week I’ll load up a dumpster with all the dirt from the last project and this new hole, yet to be dug out. Lunch was  cottage cheese and fruit. For dinner we went to Hobee’s Restaurant. I had some coconut fish and rice while Lou had a gluten free portobella burger.

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