Friday: (09/06) I dropped Lou off at the hospital for her surgery at 5am. All went well! We stopped in to visit about 11am. She was feeling well but not enjoying some nausea she was feeling. Dawn and i had breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant sharing a Denver omelet with a pancake. After our visit Dawn and I visited Costco and Walmart for some shopping needs. We returned to the hospital about 6pm for a visit. On the way home, Dawn and I stopped for a late dinner at Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant sharing a Super Cinco combination plate.

Saturday: (09/07) Dawn had quinoa for breakfast. I tried to have granola for breakfast but there was no milk in the house. Then I remembered that I had brought some home in a soft cooler Thursday night. I had forgotten it so I brought it in and disposed of  a half gallon of now cottage cheese, four eggs, and about a quarter pound of cheese. Not much of a loss, fortunately. I dashed out to Sprouts to resupply milk and a few other things then had my breakfast. Dawn had gone out to a Tai Chi class after her breakfast. I then went over to visit Lou for  a while. She had PT so I went out to return some stuff at Home Depot and stopped by the San Jose house to pick-up some primer and paint to paint Lou’s steps. On the way back I stopped at Super Taqueria for a burrito. Then I stopped by to visit Lou. When i returned home I emptied out the Jeep of some debris and the table saw and raised the rear seats. It will be Lou’s chariot home when she returns. I also gave the two platform steps their first coat of primer. Dawn and I dropped off some recycle cans and bottles and i vacuumed the jeep. Dawn had some food that our neighbors dropped off for dinner. We then went over to the hospital for an evening visit. When we returned home I had some of the leftovers, chicken, potatoes and green beans.

Sunday: (09/08) Dawn made a smoothie and I had some donuts for breakfast before we went over to the hospital for a visit with Lou. She was just finishing PT and was cleared to go home. We had come in the wrong car to take her home. The Hyundai is too low and has too small of a door for someone with a knee that doesn’t bend too much so we returned home. I dropped Dawn off an a craft faire and then returned to pick-up Lou in the Jeep. We were home before noon. Lou is doing well. I made a green salad for Lou and ham, tomato and cheese sandwiches for Dawn and I. Lou keeps me busy. For dinner we had more leftovers of chicken, pesto zucchini, green beans with onions and roasted potatoes.

Monday: (09/09) Lou had yogurt with peaches and I had granola for breakfast. Lou had a green salad and I had a ham cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. Dinner was corned beef and cabbage. Dawn had an appointment and Lou and I were busy at home with the occasional walk and stretch. Lou also had a visit from the home visit PT person.

Tuesday: (09/10) Yogurt and grapes for Lou’s breakfast. An Ernie apple nectarine tart for my breakfast. That was supplemented by some chipotle sausages.  We enjoyed our morning out in the backyard. Lou’s busy doing her exercises. My lunch was a ham, tomato and cheese sandwich with a fresh heirloom tomato from the garden. Lou had some roast chicken.

Wednesday: (09/11) Lou and Dawn had muffins and pastrami red cabbage soup for breakfast. I stopped at McDonald’s while on a quick trip to Walmart and Sprout’s Market. Lou had roast beef and baked beans and I had baked beans with  something? In the afternoon we took a walk around the neighborhood. That is, I walked and Lou rolled in her scooter. For dinner I had a Subway BMT sandwich and Lou and Dawn shared a ham and provolone salad.

Thursday: (09/12) Today Lou had a PT visit. Our tomatoes are in a lull but in a couple of days we’re going to have a half dozen 4-8″ tomatoes ready. We had spinach and ham omelets for breakfast in the back yard. Lou had a peach and some ham for lunch and I had my leftover Subway BMT. sandwich. A nice spinach salad with apple, oranges, corn, and black beans for dinner.

Friday: (09/13) Wow! I hadn’t noticed the date before it was all but gone and I was writing this part of the post. Fortunately, the ominous nature of Friday the 13th did not present itself today. My breakfast was some of Ernie’s apple nectarine pie. Lou and Dawn enjoyed some fresh peaches. Of course, breakfast didn’t go the distance so I prepared an early lunch very similar to a breakfast. Pork chops, eggs and home fried potatoes with fresh peppers from the garden.  In the afternoon we took a little drive and visited the hospital for an ultrasound of Lou’s leg. All was well. On the way home we stopped at the Grocery outlet for a little shopping. This was Lou’s first outing since her surgery. Enough excitement. For dinner I warmed up some leftover lasagna and prepared some broccoli slaw with pineapple.

Saturday: (09/14) Breakfast in the backyard. i dug up and potted a dying camilia that Lou requested. In the afternoon we took a walk and roll around the neighborhood. An exciting day. Apricot blintzes for breakfast. For lunch I prepared ham, tomato, spinach and cheese sandwiches for Dawn and I. Lou had a spinach   ham and tomato salad. Dinner was tacos.

Sunday: (09/15) My big accomplishment today was repairing the hinges on our two compost barrels.  and eggs for breakfast. Tomato and red cabbage soup for lunch. My famous popcorn in the afternoon. And for dinner I prepared rice, black beans and roast beast.

Monday: (09/16) Dawn and Lou had Dawn’s smoothies and I had an apple fritter for breakfast. Tomato, ham and cheese sandwich for my lunch, salad for Lou. KFC chicken and corn dinners.

Tuesday: (09/17) Lou met with her PT  rep about her knee. Peaches with yogurt for Lou and Dawn and a ham and cheese biscuit for my breakfast. Tomato soup for lunch then later tomatoes with ham and cheese. For dinner Dawn made a chicken green salad.

Wednesday: (09/18) We dropped Dawn off at the train and did a little shopping in the morning. I also “attended” a webinar on programming. I did go off on a Youtube odyssey looking at information about aquaponics. Aquaponics is a closed loop gardening system where you grow fish and the fish water feeds your plants by flooding them in their rock growing basin. It’s somewhat like hydroponics but uses fish poop instead of oil based fertilizer. The plants feed the fish and the fish feed the plants. It uses about 10% of the water a garden uses and other than the little water you basically just feed the fish. I’d love to try it but it wouldn’t work well with our long absences. Buckwheat cereal with peaches and yogurt for breakfast. Tomato, ham and cheese sandwich for my lunch, A chicken green salad for Lou. For dinner we had BBQ ribs with garlic mashed potatoes and squash.

Thursday: (09/19) Morning tea in the backyard. I picked a bunch of tomatoes and peppers and distributed them to some neighbors. Leftover garlic mashed potatoes fried as patties with ham and eggs for breakfast. Tomato cabbage pastrami soup for lunch followed with a fresh peach ice cream that Dawn made. Leftover corned beef and cabbage for dinner.

Friday: (09/20) Scrambled eggs with chorizo, onions and tomatoes for breakfast. Today was a shopping run morning.  We visited Walmart, the Milk Pale and Sprout’s markets. I guess Lou really wanted to get out because she left me at Walmart to do the shopping and rode her scooter over to Sprout’s market, about a 1/4 mile away probably enjoying the views and fresh air along the way. Dawn and I finished up at Walmart and stopped by The Milk pail for some cheese before meeting Lou who had collected most of what we needed from Sprout’s. More leftovers for lunch. Lou made a chicken green salad.  Then Lou had her PT session where the tech removed her staples. She can now take her first shower tomorrow, something she has been anxiously awaiting. For dinner I make stuffed bell peppers from our garden. I tried a new method using the microwave for most of the work. The peppers were served with baked potatoes and sliced tomatoes with sugar (desert).


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