Saturday: (09/21) Dawn and Courtney headed down to Hollister t the Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruita. For breakfast, leftover stuffed bell peppers. Morning tea in the arbor before it rained. Lou has graduated. She gets to take her first shower in a couple of weeks today. Before the day was done we had had over 1/2 inch of rain, a deluge for us. Leftovers for lunch. I had BBQ ribs with Chinese noodles, Lou had a papaya and chicken. Green salad with chicken tortilla soup for dinner.

Sunday: (09/22) I spent some of the afternoon and all evening doing a task I have delayed far too long, our taxes. Computer problems and my general dislike for doing tax returns caused the delay. I had mostly completed the return before the deadline before the file failed. Then the computer failed and wouldn’t even run the program. I eventually bit the bullet reinitialized the computer and re-installed the program and then couldn’t put the task off any longer. They should now be ready to mail tomorrow and only five months late. Raspberry pancakes with ham for breakfast. Peaches and various leftovers for lunch. Dawn made a buck wheat casserole for dinner.

Monday: (09/23) Ham, eggs and potatoes for breakfast. I had planned on going down the San Jose last night and resuming painting today but There was enough going on that I decided to delay going down until today. The tax returns were signed and mailed today. I helped Dawn in delivering more books to the bookstore for recycling. Lunch was leftover tortilla soup. In the late afternoon I did some grocery shopping before returning home and having dinner of some of Dawn’s buck wheat casserole. Then I took Dawn down to ┬áSan Jose for an appointment and myself to the apartment. Tomorrow I’ll finally get back to painting, hopefully.

Tuesday: (09/24) I picked up Dawn and we went to breakfast at La Victoria Taqueria. Dawn then headed home and I started to prepare for work. But first I stopped by the hardware store and then the market. That used up the morning. Lunch was some egg rolls and an avocado smoothie. Since I haven’t been here for two weeks I started with some cleanup. Someone dropped a bag of rock salt and it was in the path into the backyard and to Dawn’s apartment so I swept and vacuumed it up. I then did some sanding, filling and masking. For dinner I had some chili beans.

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