Saturday: (11/02) Friday is our shopping morning. We are out early to be at Walmart’s when they opened at 0700 and visited Trader Joe’s and Sprout’s as well after they opened at 0800. All before breakfast. Dawn has a Tai Chi class that she was off to before Lou and I got back home. She enjoyed her buckwheat cereal for her breakfast and I made some more corned beef hash and eggs for our breakfast. Lunch was leftover biscuits and honey. For dinner Lou made fried fish with rice and asparagus. Otherwise it was a tinker and relax day.

Sunday: (11/03) Daylight Savings Time started this morning so I had a couple of clocks to make right. I was busy doing the laundry much of the day. We all drove over to a new Container Store location that opened up at the Stanford Mall last week. Fun to explore. We also visited an estate sale in Los Altos. I headed off to San Jose in the dark tonight due to that missing hour. Leftover corned beef hash and some eggs for breakfast. For lunch Lou ground up some tough steak into a pate and we had sandwiches with tomatoes and cheese and the pate. Dinner was pasta with mizithra cheese.

Monday: (11/04) I guess I’m not used to the new time. I slept until o750. After breakfast I got to work. I started the post holes for the new fence. I got the holes about one foot deep each and then filled them with water to soften to more easily finish the holes later. I then started sanding the right side of the porch. I then started rebuilding the vent area that had the water main and the sump pump discharge hose going through it. I closed part of the vent area and added siding making the vent smaller. To compensate, I increased the cover opening by shrinking the frame size. When finished the vent cover will be inset rather than over  the siding. Should be neater and more efficient when finished. More to do tomorrow including remaking the cover and sanding everything. As part of the job I had to remove some not currently operating sprinkler valves that were in front of the vent. To complete that I had to go buy a pipe plug because the shutoff valve only almost shut  off the water to the sprinkler valves. On the way home I picked up lunch. Corned beef hash, eggs and pancakes for breakfast, the best of the leftovers. A chili relleno burrito for lunch from La Victoria Taqueria. Chili beans with biscuits and honey for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/05) I was out early, helped by a call from Lou about 0645. I don’t set an alarm and have occasionally slept a bit late. I finished modifying the crawl space vent and cover. I also finished sanding what I’ll be painting next. And finally I spackled most of the holes. Still have to sand the Spackle and caulk but may get to painting Friday. I finished up about 1630, cleaned up and hit the road to Palo Alto. I’m taking tomorrow as my day off to do a San Francisco walk-about. Wednesday is the warmest day this week and the sky should be clear, all unlike forecast for Friday. I’ll catch the train up to the city tomorrow morning. We got a call from the Hyundai dealer. Our new airbag is in so Ernie wall take it in sometime. I delivered our absentee ballots to the polling place. Kind of a waste of money and effort. Only one measure on the ballot for a planned development in a location where it shouldn’t be. Typical effort to try to slip something in on an election when few vote. Granola for breakfast. Avocado, tomato and cheese sandwich for lunch. Dinner at home, leftover sauerbraten , baked potato and cauliflower.

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