Monday: (03/17) St Patrick’s Day. We already did our St Patrick’s Day thing yesterday so today is just another day wearing green. Nice weather today but cooler than last week. I completed sanding the porch eves and study wall.  Should be ready to paint tomorrow.  After cleanup I headed out to complete my grocery shopping to my hike. I also stopped by REI for some fuel for my stove. That was a mistake. I browsed too long and I was too late for Cost Plus (shelf safe cheese) and Grocery outlet (jerky steak). Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Cheese burger for lunch. 3 bean chili soup (dried soup mix, one of my backpack candidates) for dinner.

Tuesday: (03/18) I got to work about 0910 and finished the first coat of primer by 1900. After peeling as much of the paint from my hands and arms as I could and taking a shower I headed out to Cost Plus and Grocery Outlet to complete my food stocks for the hike. Leftover corned beef hash for breakfast. Peanut pop tarts and yogurt for lunch. A bacon and cheese wrap for afternoon break. A late dinner at Super Taqueria.

Wednesday: (03/19) I walked downtown to breakfast at La Victoria. Nice chorizo burrito. Last night I forgot to pickup more primer and I was out. A trip to Orchard fixed that. I finally got to work around 1000 putting a second coat of primer on the front of the house. It now looks pretty good but needs a third coat to be perfect. I finished painting about 1600, earlier than I thought I would. Lunch was a bacon and cheese wrap and some yogurt. I had a turkey pot pie for dinner. In the evening I prepared all my food for the test hike to Santa Cruz. There is a ziplock bag with a breakfast, lunch and dinner in it and there is one for each day. I’m taking 6 days of food. The pack is pretty heavy. A good test? Obviously I need to loose some things.

Thursday: (03/20) Another breakfast at La Victoria. I then rushed off to a 0900 dentist appointment. After the appointment I immediately went out to the car and at 1000 attended a webinar on AlphaAnywhere. On the way home I stopped by Best Buy and bought a Nexus 7 tablet computer to take on the hike. With much of the day gone I then decided to finish up some office work and then put away my scaffold and packed to leave. I need another primer coat and want it fresh to accept the color coat better so both can be done week after next. So I got back to Palo Alto earlier than usual. Dawn made kale sausage soup for dinner.

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