Saturday: (02/13) Lou was off to an early visit to Walmart. Dawn was off to a storytelling conference. Lou and I headed up to Redwood City to the Talk Of Broadway Restaurant for breakfast. We did a little shopping on the way home. Hot dogs for lunch. later we went over to REI and Bed bath And Beyond to look for stainless steel cups for the new Jeep. Our usual mason jar cups won’t fit in the cup holders. We found them at BBAB. For dinner we had chicken sandwiches with avocado and cheese and topped that with asparagus to round out the meal.

Sunday: (02/14) I made a breakfast sandwich for myself, Lou and Dawn had homemade yogurt and blueberries for their’s. I started the slow cooker with pork, potatoes, and sauerkraut. Dawn was making energy bars, and Lou made pineapple upside down cake. Busy kitchen this morning. I spent the day relaxing in the yard, burning my junk wood as a campfire. Very relaxing and lightens the garbage load. Lou and Dawn had an event and a birthday party to attend.  The slow cooked dinner was excellent.

Monday: (02/15) Up early to get to San Jose for a service window of 8-12 for the refrigerator. When I got near I stopped at OSH hardware to get some spare keys for the house. Also stopped to get my breakfast at La Victoria. I do like their bacon breakfast burrito with their famous orange sauce. I was at the house by 0900. The service tech phoned about 0930 and arrived by 0945. He checked everything, found nothing wrong other than at max/max settings it was only 40 degrees in the fridge. he was supposed to return wit h a data logger later. I hung around the area so I could meet the tech to install the logger. I visited Harbor Freight to get a replacement wheel for my wagon. I otherwise controlled myself there. I stopped by an automotive locksmith shop but wasn’t impressed. It looks like I’ll just have to suffer the ridiculous 10x price at the dealer to get the additional FOB for the new Jeep.  The cost to program them seems to be the same. At least it will work. I visited Leale’s about 1100. Now another thing is bad, the idler pulley squeals. They think they can get one nearby and it may be ready this afternoon. I stopped by KFC for a chicken strip and fries snack cup for lunch. I got a call about 1400 that the motorhome was ready. I decided to hurry down before it got more sympathy pains from the other sick RV’s. It’s been there for about a month now. When I test drove it it seemed to be peppier and running good with it’s new transmission. The wallet is much thinner now though. Left the Jeep there and drove the motorhome back to the house. I vacuumed it and wiped the dust off everything. Nice and homey again. While doing that I got a call from the insurance company. They agreed to pay for the towing addons, not full value but a lot more than before. All in all we did OK except for the bother of replacement and the fact we moved up to new rather than used. I called the appliance repair tech about 1600 and he said they wouldn’t get out today to install the logger. They will be there tomorrow from 1000-1400. I walked back to Leale’s and drove the Jeep back to the San Jose house. I then drove the motorhome home. Dinner was leftover pork, potatoes, and sauerkraut.

Witon House Demolition  0216160907a_HDR Witon House Demolition  0216160907a_HDR-001
Tuesday: (02/16) Granola for breakfast. More about the house demolition down the street. On the right the monster is talking another nibble.

I caught a ride with Cecelia down to San Jose early this morning. I had to meet the refrigerator technician. The window was 10-2. I waited over at San Jose State university’s Student Center where I had some tea and used the WiFi. It’s only three blocks from the house. I had a sandwich for lunch from Subway then returned to the house to wait in the car. About 1315 the technician called and arrived about 1340. The logger was placed in the fridge  and then I thought to myself. Why didn’t I just pick it up this morning and place it in the fridge myself and save a bunch of waiting around. Though my tea was nice.

Jeep At San Jose House 0216161322_HDR
The new Jeep looks good in fromt of the San Jose house with it’s new paint.

On the way home I stopped at the Jeep dealer and bought an extra FOB for Dan and made an appointment to have it programmed next Monday. When I got home I started removing the tow braking system from the old Jeep. It’s not available anymore and I may install it in the new jeep myself or convince Leale’s to do it. The old jeep gets towed off tomorrow never to be seen again. We had BBQ ribs with fresh asparagus and fried sauerkraut potatoes.

TSA Meeting 0217161152_HDR
Wednesday: (02/17) Granola for breakfast. I went don to San Jose for a traffic Signal Association meeting at the Prospect Silicon Valley labs.

TSA Meeting 0217161159a_HDR TSA Meeting 0217161159b_HDR
This is a transportation laboratory for the next generation of vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to x systems. In the near future (2019) all our cars are going to be required to be equipped with these kinds of communications systems to help automate traffic. This is the opposite of autonomous cars like thee Google cars. In these systems TS2-1 traffic controller cabinets work with the vehicles..

A nice lunch from Pannera Bakery was provided.  We had cold cuts and cheese for dinner.

Thursday: (02/18) Lou made an omelet from leftover pork chops. I tinkered around home with some projects. First, I repaired Ernie’s macerater. It wasn’t working. Since it was dead, a fuse was suspected. Not a fuse. Darn. I disassembled it and found water and rust inside the motor. No broken wires anywhere so just what was it? I looked closer and found one of the brushes was cracked and frozen in place. In addition one of the motor bearings seemed to be frozen. After loosening things up the motor ran fine. One job done. Lou wanted me to vacuum the under bed storage compartment in the RV. That led to cleaning the vacuum and it’ filters. Lou and Dawn picked up a new TV for our backroom. i set it up and updated the apps in it. And my final project probably would have been better done on a day without rain. I cleaned all the accumulation of leaves on our playhouse, a two room shack in the backyard. That finished my work for the day and sent me to the shower. Lou and Dawn prepared pasta with mizithra cheese and a broccoli, celery and apple salad.

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