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Tuesday: (02/09) I unloaded all the stuff from Bakersfield out of the Jeep and loaded in my tools. A house down the street is being demolished (above left). It’s being munched on by the jaws of a big backhoe. I also took a picture of the two jeeps and the missing motorhome (above right). My how things can change.

After some record searches and preparing a letter to the insurance company I was off to San Jose. Our tenant complained that the refrigerator was too warm, again. Same problem as the old fridge? I was there about 1000 and checked the fridge. it was at 45 degrees. I adjusted to a cooler setting and went to breakfast at la Victoria. The temperature had dropped some when I checked it after breakfast. I then went to Leale’s RV to check on the progress. They expect the parts today. The windshield has been repaired and we discussed equipping the new Jeep. I then checked the fridge again and it was making some progress. I also adjusted the flow between the freezer and the fridge. I’ll check it tomorrow. I returned home and watched a neighbors house being torn down by a big backhoe. Another monster house on the way. The tenant called again about the fridge. I decided to get my power monitor and install it on the fridge to be sure it is getting good power? A second trip to San Jose is in order. Dawn mad macaroni and mozzarella cheese for dinner. In the evening we went to see the Gunn High School musical “Totally Gone With The Wind” with Courtney and Cecelia. ¬†Great as usual.

Wednesday: (02/10) Granola for breakfast. I drove down to San Jose to check the refrigerator but had to return to get the key. I must like driving the new jeep. The freezer was 10 degrees the refrigerator 45 degrees. Not good. I called to schedule service. It will be next Monday (2/15). I returned home after a nice quesodilla lunch from Super Taqueria. A house down the street continued to be eaten by a big backhoe. A City Gas crew was busy digging up the rod to disconnect the service to the house being demolished. Seems like just in time service. We completed our loan papers signing them online. I then headed off about 1610 to pickup the check and deliver it to the dealer, all to save both another fee and to assure all is well so we can get out of here someday. Leftovers for dinner. I had pepper steak sliders for dinner. Our weather has been dry and warm these past few days and many of the trees are in full bloom already.

Thursday: (02/11) Leftover corned beef hash and biscuits  for breakfast. Lou and I did our weekly grocery shopping. I had a webinar to attend from 10-12. Dawn and i rode th bus down to Campbell. She wanted to visit a book store. The bus routes there were new to here. The 26 route goes past lots of interesting places to visit for shopping. Lou had an appointment then picked us up to return home. Chili sizes for dinner.

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