Sunday: (04/10) We got up at 0700 and started to prepare to leave the Trail’s End RV Park and go down to Bakersfield. We didn’t hookup, Lou and Dawn came separately in the Jeep. We moved in at the River ┬áRun RV Park in Bakersfield. We still hadn’t had breakfast and had wanted to get together with my cousin Judy and her husband Don but didn’t connect in time so we nibbled and then met them a little later for lunch at the Rice Bowl Chinese restaurant. Afterwards we went to their house to talk until late. Finally we had to leave because I needed to collect my resupply and load my pack. All ready to go tomorrow.

Monday: (04/11) I got all dressed in my hiking suit and Lou an I headed off. We stopped at Milt’s for breakfast. i had a really interesting tamales with green chili and eggs breakfast. During breakfast I reviewed the weather again. It still shows that there will be a good rain today but from then on through the week, no rain. I decided to stay home another day. Lou’s under the weather today. I went on a couple of outings to shop and look around. Mostly, though i relaxed at home. Rice pudding for lunch. Leftovers for dinner

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