Thursday: (04/28) I prepares a nice breakfast of smoked pork hops with home fried potatoes and eggs. Yum! I actually got to work on the water heater. i spent all morning disassembling it, cleaning off the old gaskets, installing the new pilot assembly, and reassembling it. It now works again. I’m actually impressed with GE. A good design and nice customer service. We have to replace our dishwasher soon and GE is now at the top of the list. I had a nice avocado, ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Lou and Dawn were out shopping. In the afternoon, I ordered some new power connectors for the RV. Several of the connectors are burnt from poor connections when running the air conditioner. That’s the first try for a repair of the air conditioner. For dinner I had some pepper fish and pork footballs form Dim Sum King in Sunnyvale. We stopped on the way to Campbell for a storytelling meeting by the Meetup: South Bay Story Tellers. The theme tonight was “Jokers and Fools” It was in a coffee shop at the Pruneyard. Dawn told one of her stories.

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