PCT MM444 to MM458 0401160914a_HDR PCT MM444 to MM458 0401160922_HDR
Friday: (04/01) Up early for showers. Lou made French toast and bacon for breakfast. We headed out about 0830. I needed to get a water bottle and snickers bars but it was too early so we went out to the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve and took a short walk. There weren’t many poppies to be seen. We stopped at Walmart’s and found the water bottles.

PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161127_HDR
I was dropped off at Acton to start my hike at 1130.

PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161226_HDR PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161320b_HDR
Always an interesting feeling seeing the car leave and knowing there are a bunch of miles ahead. The flowers seem better the further they are from being easy to see.

PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161320c_HDR PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161442_HDR
One of my rest break locations (above left). And more trail (above right).

PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161544c_HDR PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161546_HDR
I saw this nice snake (left above) at Vasquez Rocks (above right).

PCT MM444 to MM458 0401161733_HDR
At 1700 I had dinner in Agua Dulca at the Sweetwater Cafe. Excellent chowder and chicken dejonaise with artichokes and mushrooms. Any time a good restaurant is near the trail, it must be examined. I walked another 3.5 miles and stopped at MM458 for the night.

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