Saturday: (05/21) A rainy morning. Granola for breakfast. Lou and I made a run to the grocery stores this morning. We’re in an odd position here at home without the motorhome. Our leftovers are in the RV. Some of our other daily use items are there as well. We’ll have to make do until we get the motorhome back next week, hopefully Monday.  Meanwhile, I think we are going to start looking for a new motorhome. It means all the money for the repairs we’ve done to the old one thus year are wasted money it still may be the better move. Lou and Dawn went out to a couple of estate sales this afternoon.  Lou also worked on pruning the berry plants.  I made green enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (05/22) Nice day. A usual Sunday morning of watching TV’s Sunday morning shows. Leftover enchilada for breakfast. Lou started some split peas in the slow cooker in the morning. Last night I tried to light the oven and the pilot was out. I lit the pilot and it worked, momentarily. My enchiladas got a little warmed but the pilot went out and the oven would light. I couldn’t get it going. So, this morning I worked on it and cleaned the pilot and aligned the assembly with some wire. It is a very old Wedgewood oven. Now works better than it has for years. Lou and I drove down to Gilroy to SeeGrins RV to look at RV’s. Actually we’ve pretty much decided on what we want, a Winnebago Sunstar 27N LX class A motorhome. It’s roomy, has great storage, excellent carrying capacity and a really efficient layout. It is the shortest Class A Winnebago makes. We examined it thoroughly, checking the fit for our needs. It seems just right. Of course, we didn’t intend to get a new RV until this week even though we’ve been looking for years. Now to see if we want what they have in stock or want to order one with our exact features. Then there is the financing of it to be worked out. It may still be years before we get it. We enjoyed a free lunch at SeeGrins. Lou’s split pea soup was great for dinner.

Monday: (05/23) We went to Hobee’s Restaurant for breakfast. They are famous for their coffee cake which Dawn was interested in. I spent most of the day tinkering on the computer and working in the office. Lou was busy tinkering on her mixer that doesn’t work. We had a late lunch of leftover enchiladas or salad. Lou’s berry cobbler for dinner. I called about the RV and supposedly they got the part in this afternoon and it should be ready tomorrow. We’ll see.

Tuesday: (05/24) I made breakfast bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. Lou’s pepper tomato ham and cheese salad for lunch. Dinner at Chili’s Restaurant. I did some tinkering in the shop, Lou did tinkering and cleaning. Dawn was making CD’s. In the afternoon I called Pacific Repair and they got the wrong part so not to be finished today. Maybe tomorrow, we’ll see. I cancelled my hike for tomorrow and am missing another on Thursday due to this uncertainty.

Wednesday: (05/25) I made breakfast bacon egg and cheese sandwiches. I dug out a hole by the swing and planted a grape vine that we had in a pot. It should look good growing on our swing as it’s arbor. An afternoon call to the RV shop confirmed no pickup today.  Pepper steak sandwiches for dinner.

Thursday: (05/26) Granola and banana for breakfast. I lazed away much of the morning. In the afternoon we all took a little run for me to get dim sum for my lunch, visit Harbor Freight to get a new straight claw hammer to finish digging the slot for a sprinkler line and visited a fermentation shop for Dawn to get some starter for one of her projects.  I also installed a sprinkler line through the lawn to the newly installed grapevine by the swings. My afternoon call to the RV shop, I have them on speed dial now, confirmed they have the part but it isn’t ready yet. BBQ corned beef with baked potato and asparagus for dinner.

Friday: (05/27) Granola and banana for breakfast. It’s that tie again, actually a bit past it. I moved the washer outside so we can water the yard with it. 40 gallons per load makes for a green lawn. The RV isn’t ready so we are now looking at next Wednesday to pick it up. We’re busy Tuesday and Monday is a holiday. A nice ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. More smoked corned beef with baked potatoes and some fried beet greens for dinner.

Wilton Grape Vive Transplanted 0527161912_HDR Wilton Yard 0527161913_HDR
The grape vines new location and Mt Donald with the arbor behind it.

Wilton Yard 0527161913a_HDR
Some yard plants.

Saturday: (05/28) We enjoyed several Saturday morning shows, as usual,  like CBS Saturday Morning,  Lucky Dog,  Dr Chris Pet Vet, Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation, and The Inspectors. For breakfast I made some corned beef hash with Lou’s smoked corned beef. Enjoyed it in the back yard. Gardening was my major effort today. We all made a shopping run to Lowe’s to get a few things for that effort. We bought a nice little fuchsia to replace some geraniums in a hanging basket on the arbor. the geraniums will like a sunny spot more and the fuchsia won’t mind the shade. My lunch was vegetable beef soup and a sausage. More gardening. Lou made French fries and wieners with broccoli for dinner.

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