Wednesday: (06/29) We were up early, enjoyed the motel breakfast and were on the road. We got home about 1030.I wanted a good Burrito for lunch to replace the miserable one I had from the RV Park store. We all had lunch from the El Gruelense Taqueria down the street. Relaxed all afternoon. Leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (06/30) Dawn and I were off early. I had an appointment at kaiser to have my finger looked at. No problem, just needs time. Thought it looks like it won’t take long to heal. It’s already less than half as big as it was after it first injured on Sunday last. Dawn visited a bookstore. On the way home we stopped in Mountain View at the Crepevine Restaurant for breakfast and shared a Philly Crepe. Then some grocery shopping before heading home. Later Dawn visited the library as I visited REI to look for shoes. They don’t have size 15 but gave me a reference on where to try to find them. Lou made a nice dinner of roast beef with baked potatoes, artichokes and corn on the cob.

Friday: (07/01) Lou made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Avocado smoothies with grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. I visited the Zombie Runner store, the recommended Brooks Cascadia store. They didn’t have a pair of my desired Brooks Cascadia 11 in size 15 so I tried on a different model of Brooks and confirmed they still fit well at the heal with the additional length. Otherwise just relaxing today.

Saturday: (07/02) I visited our Ace hardware store and bought a human rat trap. Don’t want to kill any squirrels but do want to get rid of a rat or two seen around the yard and woodpile. I also installed some weeping tube in our garden planters in the greenhouse. The emitters are delivering too much water to them. I also finally got to my pack, cleaned it out, reviewed the food for the rest of the segment I was in, and washed my clothes. Should be ready when I can get to go back to the trail. Leftover spinach casserole for breakfast. Egg rolls for lunch. Bacon and onion Brussels sprouts, Spanish rice, and salmon for dinner.

Sunday: (07/03) Lou and i made a grocery shopping run. She also cleaned out the RV refrigerator so it’s ready to go to the shop on Tuesday. I worked on organizing and labeling photos for the past month or so. Dawn made salmon eggs Benedict for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Monday: (07/04) I made corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. Ernie manned the BBQ and we had a potluck dinner. Meili, Corturtney and Cceclia. otherwise a relaxing day.

Tuesday: (07/05) I was off early to deliver the RV to BTN garage. Then I walked back to the San Antonio Mall. I had a breakfast burrito from Sprouts market. I spent much of the rest of the day watching the steel workers erect a building skeleton at the mall. Eggrolls and an avocado smoothie for lunch. Steak and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

Wednesday: (07/06) Lou and I did some grocery shopping in the morning. Tinkered at home otherwise. Dawn made eggs Benedict for breakfast. PBJ toast for lunch.  I made Spanish rice with pork for dinner.

Thursday: (07/07) Leftover chili for breakfast. Lou and i were off later in the morning to deliver the jeep to the dealer. We had a 1030 appointment but when we got there there were 20 cars waiting to check in. bad day, even with an appointment. The Jeep had a “Service 4wd” light on. Eventually it was checked in and the provided a rental car since they didn’t expect to finish it today. Nice! I wanted a car with a smooth ride so wanted bigger wheels and no low profile tires. That eliminates most off their cars. I got a Dodge mini van. Rather big but a nice ride for Lou. Lou has attached herself to the Jeep rather that the Hyundai because it’s ride is better. We met at Costco and got a few things there before stopping at Bill’s Cafe for lunch. We shared an omelet and some soup. Then we went our separate ways home. I stopped by the building under construction at  the mall. I was just in time to see the mobile crane lift it’s last load of corrugated floor metal to the top floor then start its preparation to leave. It took 2.5 hours to prepare the it for the road. It took three trucks just to haul away the counter weights, probably about 70 tons of weights. Only a crew of three to disassemble the crane. plus all the truck drivers. Amazing organization. Just in time the trucks drove up, were loaded and back on the road. Leftover corn on the cob and French fries for dinner. Lou and Dawn made some peanut butter cookies.

 Friday: (07/08) Leftovers and a banana peanut butter smoothie for breakfast. I called about the Jeep after lunch. They said it was ready. I drove down to San Jose to get it. turns out they did a recall item and a software update test drove the car for 12 miles and didn’t get a code for the 4WD fault, cleared the previous errors and returned it to me. I drove a couple of miles and the fault appeared so i returned to the dealer. They checked the codes and decided to order a new power transfer unit (transfer case) they should get it in a couple off weeks. I met Lou and Dawn for dinner in Milpitas at the Black Bear Diner. Lou needed some prime rib. I looked around the Great Mall and did some shopping.

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