Monday: (06/27) I was up at 0515 on trail 0640. More hot rocky uphill trail. I stopped for several long breaks. At the Lost Creek trailhead I hiked down the steep trail and brought up 6.5 liters of nice cold creek water. Others may carry 1-2 liters, I carried 12 and added 6.5 on the same desert crossing.

PCT MM1391 To MM1375 Cache 22 0627160638_HDR PCT MM1391 To MM1375 Cache 22 Killer Chair  0627160639_HDR
As I passed Cache 22 i took some photos of including the killer chair on the right.

PCT MM1391 To MM1375 Hat Creek Rim  0627160803a_HDR
The trail continued along the rim. Stopped for the night at Subway Cave, MM1375. I called for s ride home. Cut finger, both feet hurting and I’m needed at home.

I met the following hikers today: An unnamed hiker passed my camp at 0500, The Brit Family Robinson (mom, dad, son, and daughter. Through hiked to Kersarge Pass the skipped to Truckee), Unnamed (through hiker), Ironwoman (older woman through hiking, skipped Sierras), Unnamed (section hiker), three Unnamed (Through hikers)

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