PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Over The Top 0623160746_HDR PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Over The Top 0623160756_HDR

Thursday: (06/23) On trail 0710. 2 miles to the top. The rest of the miles were supposed to be rolling and generally down. They seemed more like they were generally up. It doesn’t matter my direction, it’s always up.

PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Flowers 0623161103b_HDR PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Mushroom 0623161107_HDR
The white flowers above left are a favorite of the bumble bees. On the right is a mushroom ball I saw.

PCT MM1459 To MM1438  View Of Mt  Shasta 0623161144_HDR PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Fruit Looks Like A birds Egg  0623161231a_HDR
Another Mt Shast view. On the right is a littlle fruit ball that lookss like a robins egg.

PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Over The Top 0623161234b_HDR PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Snow On Trail 0623161324_HDR
The traul was more over grown nd there were snow patches.

PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Mushroom 0623161436_HDR PCT MM1459 To MM1438 Mushroom  0623161506_HDR
Nice little yellow mushroom grew here and there on the littered ground. There were some nice flowers as well.  I stopped about an hour before I ate dinner to make my soup. Much better after an hour brewing. After dinner I hiked a couple more miles to camp at Kosk Spring. 21 miles today. 22 more to Burney Falls. MM1438. GPS: 41.136045, -121.770934

Hikers met today: Yahoo (Section hiking from Burney), Gandof (Section hiking from Chester), Tipsy (Girl section hiking from Lassen), High Mileage (Flipflop from Tahoe), Dave (Through hiker skipped snow), English girl (Through hiker) camped with me.

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