Monday: (06/20) Arrived in Dunsmuir at 0500. No breakfast on the train until 0700 and I wanted a non trail breakfast to start. The only all night restaurant was 3 miles North of town. So off I went to Penny’s Diner. I enjoyed my OK breakfast and tried a little to hitch but no takers. I walked past the nice cafe near the train depot just after it had opened. I could have caught a couple of hours sleep enjoyed a nice breakfast, not walk 6 road miles and only been an hour or so later getting to the trail.

PCT MM1499 To MM1491 San Juaquin River 0620161015_HDR PCT MM1499 To MM1491 View of Mt Shasta  0620161539_HDR
I arrived at the trail (soda creek road) about 0930 then lost 30 minutes when I missed the trail exiting the road in a construction zone. The trail starts at the San Juaquin River. On the way up there was a view of mt Shasta.  For dome reason I was tired so I took a nap a ways up the trail.

PCT MM1499 To MM1491 Retart From Dunsmuir 0620161539a_HDR PCT MM1499 To MM1491 Campsite  0620161832_HDR
I stopped for dinner and water at Fall Creek, the last water source for 10 miles. I stopped for the night by MM1491 a couple miles later. Met an older, like me,  section hiker finishing a hike from Burney. At dinner I met two through hikers that had skipped the snow jumping up to Truckee from KM.

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