Monday: (06/06) I had set two alarms to make sure I was up early for my hike. My hikes usually start at 0930 but Judy had set this one to start at 0700. She had to drop out and asked me to lead the hike in her place. I had already signed up for it but with the intention of following rather than leading. I picked up breakfast at the L&L Hawaiian, my usual sausage egg and cheese English muffin and a maple bar, hikers food. I was at the trailhead by 0630, but I do not like being late.

Rancho San Antonio Big Loop_450833515 Rancho San Antonio Big Loop_450839079
I had 7 hikers signed up and 6 howe up. The 7th misunderstood the start time and arrived at 0725 missing the hike. It as a bit warm but the early start made a much nicer hike. The smog/fog was settled over the bay.

Rancho San Antonio Big Loop_450839086 Rancho San Antonio Big Loop_450839105
It was a 12.5 mile hike climbing most of the way up Black Mountain and looping back into the park.

Rancho San Antonio Hike 0606161201_HDR Rancho San Antonio Hike 0608162031_HDR
Lots of wildlife that didn’t mind us being there and didn’t run off. The quail chicks for most interesting. We finished up the hike at 1225. After the hike I called Lou and met her and Dawn for lunch at the Sweet Tomatoes Salad Buffet.She and Dawn were out to an appointment and shopping. After my shower I relaxed the rest of the day. These hikes at home take more out of me than the PCT miles do. Leftover crepes for dinner followed by some of Lou’s glutton free cinnamon nut rolls.

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