Friday: (06/03) Open faced egg bacon and cheese sandwiches this morning. I also pulled weeds and trimmed the berries which were invading the garden spot.I spent some time working in the greenhouse planting some vegetables. Lou and Dawn were out much of the day. They did return about 1500 and brought me a late lunch of dim sum. Lou made chicken mushroom crepes for dinner

Saturday: (06/04) The usual Saturday morning TV watching followed by granola for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were off to Menlo Park to a storytelling event then thrifting. I visited the Lowe’s store in Sunnyvale and piked up some potting soil and drip sprinkler parts. I got lunch from Super taqueria on the way home. Lou and Dawn had lunch at Anne’s Cafe in Menlo Park. They had lamb which I don’t like. Dawn made macaroni and cheese for dinner.
New Drawer Puls 0604161813_HDR
This photo shows two new drawer pulls on the center drawers. I actually changed all of them.

Sunday: (06/05) Open faced egg ham and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Tinkered inside all morning. Leftovers for lunch. Got outside in the afternoon and pulled weeds and cleaned leaves form the raised flower beds. Lou made and interesting stir fried corned beef hash with vegetables and noodles. In the evening I prepared for my hike tomorrow which was interesting when I remembered all the hiking stuff i normally use was in the RV in Oakdale. I found substitutes for everything except for  hiking shoes. i had to wear my holy daily shoes. They are a pair with too many miles on them and are more like saddles than shoes.

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