Tuesday: (06/07) Granola and banana for breakfast. Lou was off grocery shopping early and had an appointment later in the morning. Leftover chicken crepes for lunch. I pretty much tinkered inside or gardened all day. I prepared my hiking plans in various versions. Looks like I’ll be doing some more Southbound hiking starting at Dunsmuir.

Wednesday: (06/08) Lou made corned beef hash for breakfast. I had lunch at the China Wok while out on a shopping run for tools at Harbor Freight. Lou told me early this morning that i was to reinstall a missing kitchen cabinet door. It’s been missing for years due to the hinges failing. The hinges are the European style that are sunken into the door. Unfortunately they are different form all that are currently available with the mounting screw holes in totally different locations. We’ve been truing to find replacements and couldn’t so today I installed what is currently available which involved drilling big holes in new places for the new style of hinges. Hopefully they haven’t been weakened too much. Leftovers for dinner.

Thursday: (06/09) We stopped at Joanie’s restaurant for breakfast on our way out of town this morning. We drove over to Oakdale and picked up some things from the RV, which is still convalescing at the hop there. Currently awaiting the arrival of brake calipers. We also stopped by Modesto’s Yesterday’s Book Store. Dawn sold some of t=her books there. We did some other shopping around as well. We had lunch at Panera bread in Modesto and dinner at the Golden Corral in Tracy.

Wilton Kitchen Cabinet Hinges 0610161343_HDR
Friday: (06/10) Leftover corned beef hash and eggs for breakfast. I spent much of the day finally working on my tax return to be. I always get an extension and procrastinate as long as possible. In the afternoon I stretched by catching a bus to Mountain View and walking home. ┬áThe RV garage called to say the parts are now on the way and we “might” get it back next week. PBJ toast for lunch. A nice salad form the greenhouse and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Above is the kitche sink door with it’s new hinges.

Saturday: (06/11) Granola for breakfast. i spend much of the day collecting information to do my tax return. i think i have everything collected now. Hopefully tomorrow I can start doing the return. A nice ham and cheese sandwich for lunch. Otherwise I relaxed and watched TV. Busy day. Lou and Dawn were similarly busy around the house. I made more green enchiladas for dinner.

Don's Beard 0612161952_HDR
Sunday: (06/12) I worked on the taxes much of the day. As usual the first draft wasn’t perfect but the 3-4 items that needed fixing were easy to find and fix. Another review tomorrow and it should be good to go. Dawn was busy with meetings and get togethers all day. Lou was her driver. Of course, the leftover enchiladas were breakfast and lunch. The could have been dinner as well but Lou and I went over to the Corner Bakery for dinner. I had a soup and sandwich combo and Lou had a salad. Above is my photo with the beard I’ve let go a little too long. I trimmed it to it’s proper 1/8th inch length.

Monday: (06/13) Lou made bacon, eggs and fried potatoes for breakfast. She and Dawn were off for the day for shopping and meetings. I spent some time watching a couple of construction projects nearby. I’ve been missing a lot of what’s been changing around here. It was interesting seeing the steel workers bouncing around erecting a new building. They literally placed all the steel for one floor between lunch and the coffee break, about 20 beams. The also laid about half of the deck as well. My lunch was an avocado smoothie. Leftover enchiladas for dinner.

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