Thursday: (07/28) Labeling and organizing photos. Made some Facebook posts for my PCT hike. Signed up for a hike with my hiking group tomorrow. Lou mad portobello mushroom eggs Benedict for breakfast, In a large mushroom she added meatloaf, eggs and sauce or cheese and baked them.  Lunch at Gourmet Haus Staudt in Redwood City. Nice German food and beer. Enchiladas for dinner.

Friday: (07/29) Lou, Dawn and I met my hiking group at the Palo Alto Baylands for a walk on most of the trails there. We saw two red fox kits and the only watetfall in Palo Alto. Granola for breakfast, Enchiladas for lunch, BBQ ribs for dinner

Saturday: (07/30) I spent the day working on photos and posts for this blog. Donuts for breakfast, enchiladas for lunch and stringed zucchini with clam sauce and a green salad for dinner.

Sunday: (07/31) I spent some time on a photo album of the recent PCT sections and on the blog. I also made a reservation for a visit to San Luis Obispo for a test trip in the RV to see if it’s running right now. Lou made banana pancakes with walnuts and caramel sauce for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Corned beef hash and eggs for dinner.

Monday: (08/01) I finished the blog posting for my PCT hike. Lots of photos. Unfortunately, all my notes for the latest section of the hike from old Station were lost by my phones failure so the comments are per memory only, usually not my best.

I loaded my scaffolding and a ladder on to the Jeep and collect tools and then was then off to San Jose.. On the way i stopped at bestBuy about my dead phone. Turns out it’s easier to due it online, so I will. I spoke to the tenant about the electrical problem they reported about their washer and tested the circuit. Everything is good, no problems with the power just tenant confusion. They also pointed out some loose towel racks in the bathroom which I tightened up. They also wanted a couple of windows operable in the living room and study. I cut the paint to make them so. they also wanted screens for those windows which I bought material for. After lunch, I installed what gutter mounting screws I had to reattach the gutter on the North side of the house and also cleaned the leaves out of it. I needed more screws to mount the gutter so searched for them at Lowe’s and HD but finally found them at OSH. I had a subway sandwich for lunch and stopped for egg olls and shrimp at House Of Eggroll on the way home. In the evening I contacted the Geek Squad from Bestbuy about getting my dead phone replaced.

Tuesday: (08/02) Not an early riser today. When i did get moving i collected some materials and tools I needed for San Jose. I headed off about 0900 stopping for breakfast at La Victoria on the way. A nice chorizo breakfast burrito. I finished installing the gutter screws, installed leaf guards at the downspouts, adjusted and tightened the fence posts on the North Side and installed a couple of brace for the fence to the eves of the house. And, finally I made a couple of screens for two front windows and installed them. I had to make one trip to OSH for a couple of pieces of stel to make the braces for the fence. I finally got away about 1800. Lunch was chili beans. Lou made hamburgers for dinner.

Wednesday: (08/03) Today is the reason I cut my hike short. I had thought I would have time to get to South Lake Tahoe in time to be home for today. Today was my hiking groups annual potluck dinner. Always nice to see my fellow hikers.

Blintzes for breakfast. Leftovers for lunch. After lunch I made a bunch of enchiladas.three dishes. One I cooked later just before going to a potluck dinner with my fellow hikers in Los Altos. The other two are for later. I had a bunch of leftover flour tortillas from my resupply boxes  which were used on two and made a third with corn tortillas for Lou. I cut the tortillas and into small squares and made it  more like a casserole or lasagna so it would be easier to serve various portion sizes at thee party.

Thursday: (08/04) PBJ toast for breakfast. Lunch at LUU Noodle House. Relaxed at home all day interspersed with some tinkering. Lou and I went out to dinner at Frankie, Johnie, and Luigi’s restaurant in Mountain View. I’ve lived here in the area for 47 years and have always intended to try them and this is the first time I’ve been there. Good Italian food. After dinner we went to the Stanford Theater. The double feature was the Marx brothers film “Duck Soup” and Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.  Both movies were quite good. The “Duck Soup” movie seems very much like things would be in Trump is elected our president.

Friday: (08/05) PBJ toast again for breakfast. Lou dropped me off at San Antonio Mall and I spent some time catching up on the construction project there. They’ve accomplished a lot over the past two months. Lunch at home of a ham and cheese sandwich with some of Lou’s spice cake for desert. Lou and Dawn took the Jeep down to the dealer. They haven’t responded to phone calls so Lou went to complain to the manager. Lou noticed this morning that the windshield on the jeep was cracked. I called and arranged an appointment to replace it week after next.Enchiladas for dinner.

Saturday: (08/06) I  cleaned the RV’s carpet.  Lou was busy smoking some meat. Lou’s mushroom Benedicts for breakfast. Enchiladas for dinner.

Sunday: (08/07) Busy preparing to leave tomorrow. Cleaning, loading and filling. Lou made eggs potatoes and smoked corned beef for breakfast. Leftover enchiladas for lunch. Lou made rice noodles with chicken and mizithra cheese with carrot raisin salad.



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