Monday: (07/11) Breakfast from L&L Hawaiian. I hiked with my group at Arastrradero Preserve then had lunch at the Alpine Inn and listened to a ukulele jam. Lou and joined us for lunch. It was only a 5.5 mile hike but it gave my new shoes a good test. After lunch we went to see the RV shop and check on the motorhome. They said it could be ready but hadn’t been road tested yet. I took it for the road test and it runs much better. It seemed to have some pep now. The mass air sensor had shorted and also blown a fuse for other sensors. However, the “service engine soon” light cam on on the drive so it remains at the shop. I think they are making progress and this shop seems to know what their doing. I also picked up some first aid kit restocking items at REI and tortillas for the pack. We went to dinner at the New York Cheese Cake Factory. I spent the evening checking and ¬†loading my pack. i seem to be ready to go now.


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