Tuesday: (07/12)  We were up early and drove down to San Jose for me to catch the Capitol Corridor train. Lou and Dawn saw me off. The train left on time since it started from there. In Sacramento I transferred to a Amtrak Thru Bus that took me to Redding were I caught a Shasta County transit bus to Burney. I had breakfast on the train.

Geese By Oakland Coliseum 0712160751_HDR
Some pedestrian geese walking beside Oakland Coliseum as seen from the train.

Burney California 0712161615_HDR Burney Calfornia Deer 0712161730_HDR
I arrived in Burney, California on the bus from Redding. The driver dropped me right in front of my motel. On a walk about town I noticed some deer in front of the Dollar general store.

I visited the local sporting goods store and bought some shoegoo and a pair of gloves with Velcro on them. I got my new shoes but forgot to install the Velcro on the rear of the shes that my gators need to be used. At the Motel I cut the Velcro off the gloves and glued it to the shoes then duct taped it on. It needs to dry 24 hours and I’m off on the trail before that, thus the duct tape.


I had dinner at the Blackberry patch just down the street from my motel. I called and confirmed my taxi for tomorrow mornung. I should be on the trail by noon tomorrow.

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