Wednesday: (07/27) Up at 0520 broke camp and loaded my backpack for train travel (Poles inside, all outside pocket stuff inside, empty excess water.  I made it to Truckee a day early at about 0630. I had gotten a ride from the trailhead. I had breakfast at the Wagon Train Coffee Shop then went to the Amtrak Station across the street to get my ticket. The office didn’t open until 0900 and the bus I intended to ride departed at 0840. Fortunately the WiFi from the gift shop at the station was open so I ordered my ticket online. A nice ride on home on the bus to Sacramento and the train on to Santa Clara followed by a ride on light  rail to Mountain view and a bus the rest of the way home. there was a problem in Richmond that delayed the train for an hour due to a sinkhole by the tracks. iwas home a little after 5 PM. We enjoyed salads from the Corner bakery restaurant nearby.

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