Saturday: (07/09) Leftovers for breakfast. Busy day today. I started by going to Zombie Runner shoe and expreso to get my larger trail runner shoes. I got a free item from the Expresso bar so i got a mocha coffee. We went to the Palo Alto Clay and Glass Show at the art center. Lots of amazing stuff. We couldn’t see it all before lunch so we returned home for Chicken sandwiches. Then we stopped by the Flea market at Palo Alto High School before returning to the Art Center. In the evening my new Injinji socks arrived from Amazon so i now have everything i need to return to the trail. My finger is healed over but thin skinned and sensitive still. So, I will be on the train and buses early Tuesday morning to Burney for the night then on to Old Station Wednesday morning to catch the trail from where I left off. Of course i’m starting as another hot spell begins. Dawwn made a carrot mushroom and sausage dish for dinner.

Sunday: (07/10) Lou made sausage, potatoes and eggs for breakfast which we enjoyed outside. I spent some time outside trimming the wisteria plant on the arbor an pulling weeds in some flower beads. Leftovers for lunch after which Lou and Dawn were off to a fermentation seminar in Menlo Park. Eventually i took a walk over to downtown Los Altos to the Wine and Art Festival, enjoyed a look around and some good music then caught the bus back home. The walk portion was a test of my new shoes which worked well. When i got home dinner was ready. Lou had made hamburgers which were enjoyed in the yard, as well. Dawn was off to her storytelling meeting in the evening.

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