Sunday: (010/09) Lou made Strawberry pancakes for breakfast. I tinkered on the computer all morning reprovisioning my server. We had grilled pork and cheese sandwiches for lunch and chips an hummus for dinner. In the afternoon I did some packing for our trip. Dawn was off to her storytelling club. Lou and I watched the second presidential “debate”.  Still amazed Donald is in the race?

Monday: (10/10) Preparing to leave again. I moved the XM radio to the RV and set it up to work with the new radio. i also loaded a couple of SD cards with music and placed one in the RV and one in the Jeep. I also tried to fix the door lock but couldn’t get it to stay together. I’ll have to find a new one that fits, no easy task.Granola for breakfast. Roast pork nachos for lunch. Stuffed tomatoes for dinner.

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