Monday: (11/14) Cereal for breakfast. We made a Costco run this morning. I picked up a chicken bake there  for lunch. The rest of the day was spent tinkering. Chicken and baked potatoes for dinner.

Tuesday: (11/15) Popcorn and sausage for breakfast. Lou and Dawn were out on the town at Eastridge Mall in San Jose. They had dinner at The olive Garden restaurant there. The had gone down to see the zoo but it turns out to only be open on the week ends now. I had Cottage cheese and fruit for lunch.and a sausage and cheese sandwich for dinner. I received the replacement rear view / crash camera I bought for the Hyundai. It was raining occasionally so I only got the camera replaced  and the cable ito the inside of the car. the cables will need to be routed under the trim sometime later but I hooked them up and tested it. nice. It has both forward and rear cameras that record on a crash or if bumped while parked. These new cars need a camera because one sure can’t see out to the rear. i also called ATT and cancelled my service. Sonic is working well. I also called Sonic to transfer our home phone from BasicTalk to Sonic. Our total bill will be $25 less and the DSL line is 2.5 times as fast and no bandwidth limit. As expected ATT offered a reduced rate to stay with them. Still would have cost $5 more and been slower and limited.

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