Monday: (11/21) I made a sausage, cheese, and egg sandwich for breakfast. I carpooled up to San Francisco to Stern Grove . We met our flow hikers there. 9 of us hiked the Bay Area Ridge Trail (BART) from Stern Grove To the Arguello Gate of the Presidio. Along the way we took side trips to the top of Mt Davidson, Twin Peaks and Mt Olympus. The on through the Golden Gate Park Panhandle to the Presidio. My fellow hikers made their way back to the cars by Uber lift. I continued on through the Presidio to the Golden Gate Bridge. I then caught a bus to North Beach and had dinner at Golden Boy Pizza. Then another bus to catch Caltrain home. Nice hike.

BART Stern Grove To Presidio Arguello Gate. 8.2 miles in 4 hours 15 minutes. 720 feet elevation gain. 1782 feet overall climb.

BART Presidio Arguello Gate to Golden Gate Bridge. 2.3 miles in 1 hour. 151 feet elevation gain. 480 feet overall climb.

SF Mt Davidson 1121161054_Pano SF Mt Davidson1121161059_Pano
Mt Davidson Cross. View from Mt Davidson.

SF Mt Davidson1121161100_Pano SF Mt Davidson1121161100_Pano-001
More views from Mt Davidson.

BART Hikers 31130819686_740189ac26_k BART Below Mt Davidson 30799596410_ce57815cdb_k
Trails coming down Mt Davidson.

View From Mt Davidson 30345701584_b9d4855c7d_k Golden Gate Bridge 30799879210_1cb5af54b0_k
Views from Mt Davidson.

SF Twin Peaks 1121161154a SF Twin Peaks 1121161155
Sutro Tower. View of the city.

Interesting House Below Twin Peaks 1121161228a Mt Olympus Monument 1121161244
An interesting window in one of the houses we passed. Mt Olympus monument.

BART Through Presidio 1121161439_HDR BART Through Presidio 1121161442
Trail through the Presidio. An interesting wavy green hill.

BART Through Presidio 1121161508 BART Through Presidio Pacific View 1121161508b
Views from Pacific Lookout.

Hawk 31023635662_b2b2168a32_h Hawk 31131455016_6d8c02c70c_k
The hawks above were captured by a fellow hiker, Anda.

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