Monday: (11/07) Cereal for breakfast. I processed our passport renewal applications and delivered them to the Post office. I grabbed my tools and headed down to San Jose. On the way I picked up a torta at Super Taqueria. I added a new downspout on the North Side of the house. It’s a 60 foot straight run that had a downspout on each end. Unfortunately the gutter dips to the middle.

San Jose Downspout  1107161527a San Jose Downspout 1107161527b
I had installed a drain line under the sidewalk years ago to add one in the middle. Unfortunately rater than being on the surface it ended up buried under a half inch on concrete. Finding it was fun using a hammer to sound it out. It was installed yer ago but my memory said it was there and it was. Today I finally added it. Not easy. Adding the flange to the gutter was a pain, the rest was actually easy.

San Jose Downspout 1107161531
Sucess. Looks pretty good and will look better if I ever finish painting that side of the house. On the way home I stopped at House Of Egg Rolls in Santa Clara for some egg rolls and shrimp. Yum! Lou made spaghetti for their dinner.

Tuesday: (11/08) Cereal for breakfast. We delivered our ballots to our poling place. We always have absentee ballots. I headed down to San Jose and cleaned the rain gutters and pruned some trees and bushes away from the house. Dim Sum for lunch. Leftover spaghetti for dinner. Watched the election results in the evening. Unbelievable!

Wednesday: (11/09) Soft boiled eggs fro breakfast. Lou and Dawn were of to dental appointments. I caught the bus down to Mountain View and looked at a building under construction there. My hobby. Grilled spam and cheese sandwich for lunch. I have to get rid of my leftover hiking supplies. Fried fish with garlic bean noodles for dinner.

Thursday: (11/10) More sun today. A nice day to relax. Today was Dawn’s birthday. Breakfast at Anne’s Cafe in Menlo Park. We looked around at some shops then left Dawn at Keppler’s Bookstore while we did some other more shopping. For lunch we had garlic fries from McDonald’s and they got coffees. French onion soup with cheese toast for dinner. Bread pudding for desert.


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