SF Yuerba Buena Center 1122161011_Pano SF Yuerba Buena Center 1122161012
Tuesday: (11/22) Lou dropped Ernie and I off at the train depot. We caught the 0837 train to San Francisco. In San Francisco we got breakfast at Subway then headed to the auto show at Moscone Center. Much of the show was underneath the above plaza.

SF Auto Show 1122161251 SF Auto Show 1122161252
We looked at a bunch of cars there both new and vintage. Most of the cars look the same and probably are 99% the same. They had a row of old Packard like above.

SF Auto Show James Bonds Car 1122161256a SF Auto Show Lamborguini SUV 1122161302a
Above left is a car like James Bond used to drive. Above right is a nice Lamborghini SUV of old.

SF Auto Show PGE Hybred Service truck 1122161243
I liked the PGE hybrid service truck. No more need to leave the truck running when stopped.

I did find the Chevrolet Bolt to be interesting. It is reasonable priced and has a 238 mile range for an all electric. Nice. We had lunch at a nearby sandwich shop. We returned to the show but found that we had actually seen everything we wanted to so we headed back to the train. We were home about 1730. Tomales for dinner.

Wednesday: (11/23) Lou’s birthday. We went to a late breakfast at Bills Cafe in Midtown. Much of the rest of the day was out grocery shopping. Dinner was a tamale.

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