Thursday: (11/17) Dawn had an early dentist appointment so we delayed breakfast. We headed down to Gilroy with the intent of having breakfast at the Longhouse Restaurant. it was closed with a sign saying it was being remodeled. Hope it’s OK. We had to go to the Black Bear restaurant instead. After that we went over to look at the Sunstar 29VE motorhome that SeeGrins website said they had two of. They didn’t ave any. so we looked around at other similar models, and some park model trailers and some of the Roadtrek motorhomes. Nothing too interesting. Then it ws off to downtown Gilroy where Dawn sold some books to the Know Knew Books store. While Dan was busy, Lou and i took a walk around town. We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant there. A little other shopping and we returned home. No rain. Nice day.

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