Don on June 19th, 2016

Sunday: (06/19) Today is Father’s Day. I usually don’t pay much attention to any holiday. We tend to celebrate holiday’s mostly on a convenient day before or after the actual holiday by going to dinner. The convenient day is a day when the crowds are less. I don’t remember much about my fathers early years. […]

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Don on July 1st, 2014

Tuesday: (07/01) I took Dawn to an early appointment then returned home. Lou and I went out to lunch at Joanie’s Restaurant and shared a spinach hamburger omelet, the daily special. They serve outstanding muffins which today was a banana muffin. We stopped by the Grocery outlet and picked up a few things on the […]

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Don on December 6th, 2013

Razerback Ridge / Hamm\’s Gulch Loop EveryTrail – Find the best Hiking in California Friday: (12/06) I made corned beef hash for breakfast. I met my hiking group for a hike at Windy Hill Open Space Preserve. We hiked up Razerback Ridge Trail to the Lost Trail then back on the Hamm’s Gulch Trail. It […]

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Don on November 23rd, 2013

Saturday: (11/23) Lou’s birthday today. We dashed off to do our weekly grocery shopping today. It was a little different because it was also Thanksgiving dinner shopping. With that done, I prepared  some chorizo, onions, peppers and potatoes in scrambled eggs for breakfast which we enjoyed in the back yard. Lou prepared some spaghetti squash […]

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Don on September 26th, 2013

Thursday: (09/26) Rather breezy still. Not good for spraying paint. All painting today was by brush. I spent the morning doing the wall on the other side of the fireplace, the afternoon doing the front section. Home fried potatoes, sausage and eggs for breakfast. BBQ ribs with potato salad for lunch. I finished the second […]

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Don on September 21st, 2013

Saturday: (09/21) Dawn and Courtney headed down to Hollister t the Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruita. For breakfast, leftover stuffed bell peppers. Morning tea in the arbor before it rained. Lou has graduated. She gets to take her first shower in a couple of weeks today. Before the day was done we had had […]

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Don on September 6th, 2013

Friday: (09/06) I dropped Lou off at the hospital for her surgery at 5am. All went well! We stopped in to visit about 11am. She was feeling well but not enjoying some nausea she was feeling. Dawn and i had breakfast at A Good Morning Restaurant sharing a Denver omelet with a pancake. After our […]

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Don on July 27th, 2012

Friday: (07/27) Crasin muffins for breakfast. Ernie and I finished building the ramp for Wolfie. All that remains is to install the ramp surface, which will be some left over roll roofing material and to paint it, both tasks for Ernie. We all finished packing the RV to leave. Chicken and artichoke rice salad for lunch. […]

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Don on June 24th, 2012

Sunday: (06/24) We started the day with a quick visit to Walmart for a couple of things.Fried sauerkraut potatoes with pork and eggs for breakfast. I finally got to work on the satellite dish on the RV. I’ve been having problems with it for the past couple of years and have attempted to find the […]

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Don on June 23rd, 2012

Saturday: (06/23) The flood water in my hole is drying nicely but not enough for me to not take advantage of another day off. Dawn made some buckwheat sweet potato bread which was toasted in the panini maker and served with sausage for breakfast. I took Dawn by a bunch of garage sales in the […]

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